Harm Reduction Supports for 24 hour Drop In During Overnight Hours

Along with our empathy, caring, non-judgment, harm reduction trauma informed care – where we meet women where they are at.  Below is a list of tools available during the overnight hours that might assist women with their needs during the overnight hours.  While the list has been generated with the harm reduction community specifically in mind they can be used with any of the women accessing the drop-in during the overnight hours.

  • Candy and Chocolate, chewing gum
  • Juice and water
  • Small quiet space dedicated to symptom management
  • Hot Pack/ Ice packs
  • Foot baths with Epson salts
  • Facial masks
  • Nail Polish
  • Staff available for activities ie. Puzzles, games
  • Counselling
  • Ice chips
  • Staff available to go for smoke breaks
  • Food/Sandwiches
  • Blankets and Mats
  • Staff to do check-ins


All staff will be supported to take the City of Toronto Harm Reduction training and naxalone training.

If you do not have this training please speak to the Drop In Coordinator to arrange this at the earliest convenience.