Updates for the week of November 13th.

Evening/Overnight Drop In:

There have been several reports of men approaching women outside of the drop in in the evening overnight hours attempting to lure them away from the space. Please continue to monitor the outside area, and encourage women in the late hours to not be going off alone. Please let me know if you continue to see this and have any information.


Carol and I will be ordering naloxone now to distribute to participants now from the Works. I will send out an email this week with more information on distributing including what we need to say to participants receiving the kits, and where to record the information.


Please ensure that we continue to work with participants to consolidate luggage. Also, due to the high volume of women in the drop in staff are asked to continue reminding women that luggage should be clear from all chairs and pathways.  If you are continuing to work with a particular participant you can log this on pirouette and work with their assigned CSW upstairs.

Out of the Cold:

Beginning Wednesday, November 15th St.Felix, Margaret’s and Warden Woods will be operating the out of the cold drop ins across Toronto. St. Felix is located at: Augusta/Queen, Margaret’s will be at Sherbourne and Dundas PLUS 21 Park Rd (Yonge and Bloor) and Warden Woods (Progress and McCowan in Scarborough). All Dixon Hall operated Out of the Cold services will also be running until the end of March.

Melody Grant