Guidelines for Token Distribution

After reviewing the token sign out sheets please remember the guidelines for token distribution

General Tokens – Distributed through Drop Ins

tokens are primarily meant to be used to facilitate appointments to housing and/or to travel to shelter
occasionally tokens are used as a tool to deescalate a situation and move a person on
occasionally a token, with team approval, can be used to facilitate attendance at appointments but this is a rare occasion and should be used sparingly

Out of the Cold Tokens

Have very strict guidelines as provided by the City of Toronto. If these are not followed the City of Toronto will stop providing this resource. This historically has happened to Sistering in the past.

Out of the Cold Tokens can only be used during extreme cold warnings
They can only be used to facilitate going to a shelter – absolutely the only reason to use these tokens
Have to be signed out on the City’s tracking form.

Thank you for your support in ensuring this limited resource is used to support the women but stays within our budgetary means