Microsoft’s office 365’s Exchange Online is On!

Over the weekend, we upgraded our email system to Microsoft’s office 365’s Exchange Online. This decision was made because we are having issues with our old email system and Exchange Online has newer and better features.

What does this mean for me?

This means that our email system will be stored and supported by Microsoft at their Canadian data centre. Also, Exchange online is offered to charities and not-for-profits for free so we will see a savings on software licensing.

We will also see improvements such as:

  • Improved performance
  • Email will continue to be available online
  • No downtime for server / system maintenance
  • You get a larger mailbox – 50 GB
  • You will still use Outlook
  • Continue to contact Asurtec with questions and issues with email

Sounds great but what changes should I know about?

There are a few changes:

  1. Your webmail interface has a new look-and-feel and you will access webmail with a new URL. Documentation will be provided describing how to access and sign into webmail.
  2. You will have a new password for webmail. You can change your password through webmail however, the new password must be entered into Outlook on your PC or laptop as well. Instructions on how to change your password is included in the same documentation mentioned above. Please see Tekla for your webmail password.

Please keep in mind that with any large technology change, there is a possibility for challenges. Asurtec has done their planning and preparation and is confident this upgrade will go relatively smoothly. However, if you run into an issue, please contact them via email: or using their toll free number: 844-ASURTEC (844.278.7832).

Click this link for “How to Access Webmail”