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Volume 02 | March 2018

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Celebrate International Women’s Day

You asked for opportunities to connect with each other outside of Sistering and we listened. We’d like to invite you and a guest to attend the events – or put together a group of your Sistering colleagues and socialize with each other while you celebrate women’s achievements and contributions in Canada and around the world.

For tickets, please email: tcai@sistering.org by March 5, 2018 with the event you’d like to attend. But don’t wait: tickets are limited!


In Event  Date Time Location More Details Sistering’s Support
Shecosystem wellness event Mar-08 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm 703 Bloor Street West https://www.shecosystem.ca/event/wombspace-collective-healing-on-international-womens-day/ Two tickets: you and a guest
Recognize Female Brilliance Day – BAD GIRLS COLLECTIVE Mar-08 4:00 PM The Drake Hotel, 1150 Queen St. West https://www.badgirlscollective.ca/
Two tickets: you and a guest. Plus two drinks
The Vagina Dialogues Mar-08 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm The Drake Hotel, 1150 Queen St. West https://www.vaginadialogues.ca/ Your ticket
FitSquad x jac flash – Workout Event Mar-08 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm MOVE Fitness Club, 388 Carlaw Ave. Unit 105 B https://www.facebook.com/FITSQUAD.CA/ Two tickets: you and a guest
Toronto Womxn in Music & Herhabitat  Pop-up Concert Mar-08 8:00 PM Array Music, 155 Walnut St. http://www.shedoesthecity.com/toronto-womxn-music-herhabitat-present-international-womens-day-pop-concert Two tickets: you and a guest
Fempocalypse – Nightwood Theatre Mar-09 8:00 PM Ernest Balmer Studio
Studio 315, 9 Trinity St.                                  Distillery Historic District
https://www.facebook.com/events/403853960038859/ Two tickets: you and a guest. Plus two drinks
Big Grumpy Comedy Night Mar-29 8:30 PM 320 College St. Toronto http://www.freetimescafe.com/entertainment  Two tickets: you and a guest. Plus two drinks



You asked for more communication and we listened! Welcome to the first edition of SISTERING CONNECTS, an e-newsletter designed to keep us all in touch with each other.

Volume 01 | February 2018

A webpage is also created to archive our newsletters: Staff Newsletter

Got a comment? Story idea? Photo to share? We’re looking for input so please contact Tekla with all your good ideas.

Microsoft’s office 365’s Exchange Online is On!

Over the weekend, we upgraded our email system to Microsoft’s office 365’s Exchange Online. This decision was made because we are having issues with our old email system and Exchange Online has newer and better features.

What does this mean for me?

This means that our email system will be stored and supported by Microsoft at their Canadian data centre. Also, Exchange online is offered to charities and not-for-profits for free so we will see a savings on software licensing.

We will also see improvements such as:

  • Improved performance
  • Email will continue to be available online
  • No downtime for server / system maintenance
  • You get a larger mailbox – 50 GB
  • You will still use Outlook
  • Continue to contact Asurtec with questions and issues with email

Sounds great but what changes should I know about?

There are a few changes:

  1. Your webmail interface has a new look-and-feel and you will access webmail with a new URL. Documentation will be provided describing how to access and sign into webmail.
  2. You will have a new password for webmail. You can change your password through webmail however, the new password must be entered into Outlook on your PC or laptop as well. Instructions on how to change your password is included in the same documentation mentioned above. Please see Tekla for your webmail password.

Please keep in mind that with any large technology change, there is a possibility for challenges. Asurtec has done their planning and preparation and is confident this upgrade will go relatively smoothly. However, if you run into an issue, please contact them via email: support@asurtec.com or using their toll free number: 844-ASURTEC (844.278.7832).

Click this link for “How to Access Webmail”

Important: Email Migration – Weekend (Jan. 27&28)

This weekend Sistering will be migrating our email to another system. Please click the link for more information:

Sistering Migration to Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online 180125.

What you need to do….

  • Not much except enjoy increase the more user friendly email interaction
  • If you have a laptop – please leave it at work over the weekend
  • On Monday when you come in you will need to meet with the IT team who will give you your new password and do a quick training on how to access your email as well as set up email on your phone.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Tekla.

If over the weekend you need support DO NOT USE EMAIL – please use my, Pat’s and/or your coordinator’s cell phone number.

Thanks for your support over this transition.

Guidelines for Token Distribution

After reviewing the token sign out sheets please remember the guidelines for token distribution

General Tokens – Distributed through Drop Ins

tokens are primarily meant to be used to facilitate appointments to housing and/or to travel to shelter
occasionally tokens are used as a tool to deescalate a situation and move a person on
occasionally a token, with team approval, can be used to facilitate attendance at appointments but this is a rare occasion and should be used sparingly

Out of the Cold Tokens

Have very strict guidelines as provided by the City of Toronto. If these are not followed the City of Toronto will stop providing this resource. This historically has happened to Sistering in the past.

Out of the Cold Tokens can only be used during extreme cold warnings
They can only be used to facilitate going to a shelter – absolutely the only reason to use these tokens
Have to be signed out on the City’s tracking form.

Thank you for your support in ensuring this limited resource is used to support the women but stays within our budgetary means