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If you are serving or working in the kitchen please consider the following guidelines, keeping in mind that the basic principle is that food should be protected from contamination.

Sleeve length: Although it is preferred that you cover your arms as much as possible in order to avoid contact with hot surfaces, you may wear short sleeves (elbow-length preferred).

NEW: You may wear shorter cap or demi-cap sleeves (no sleeveless shirts) as long as your underarm area is not exposed, even when lifting your arms. If a person is more hirsute, precautions should be taken to prevent the possibility of hair contaminating the food.

Footwear: All persons entering the kitchen must wear closed-toe shoes. In the summer, if you are coming to work in footwear that exposes your feet (sandals, flip-flops), please ensure that you bring a change of footwear if you are working in the kitchen.

Head Covering: Please take reasonable precautions to ensure that food is not contaminated by hair. The current Regulation requires food handlers to wear headgear that confines hair.  All garments worn must also be clean. Hair nets should be worn at all times, even if entering the kitchen for very brief periods of time.

If you have a lot of volume to your hair, you can use one hair net to cover the front and another to cover the back. There is a mirror above the handwashing sink to check that all stray hair has been contained.

Aprons: There are no requirements that staff wear aprons but they do look more professional and ensure that food is not contaminated via clothing that has been worn outside of a food service area. Disposable aprons are readily available in the kitchen.

Gloves: Gloves are worn to prevent contamination of food. They should be changed frequently especially if you stop handling food to touch a surface that may be contaminated (for ex. adjusting your hair, using your phone, touching your face).

Thank you for your co-operation!


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